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Default Manually confguring the phone

It's possible that the phones have a 46xxsettings.txt file that contains certain features misconfigured or disabled. Have you tried to put the phone is a dedicated environment and try to manually configure it? this way you could try to load a properly configured 46xxsettings.txt file with the options enabled? here is some info:

"Static Addressing Installation" section (Page 54) in the "4600 Series IP Telephone
Installation Guide" document:

During normal DHCP processing, press the * key while “* to program“ displays during
the DHCP process. This method is available regardless of the administration of
b. While the telephone is on-hook and idle, press the following sequence of keys on the
faceplate of the telephone:
Mute 2 3 3 7 # (Mute A D D R #)
Press the Mute button momentarily. Do not press this button while pressing other
keys/buttons. The 4630/4630SW IP Telephones and the 4690 IP Conference
Telephone do not have a dedicated Hold button. For all other 4600 Series IP
Telephones, pressing the Hold button instead of the Mute button also works.

let's say connect your laptop/PC to a PoE switch, connect the phone to the same switch so this way you can have a small network. on your PC you can install fileserver and upload the 46xxsettings.txt file with the proper configuration. then try to manually configure the phone using the procedures above

Does this help?
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