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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
Is it for temporary closure or a change to the department's operating hours?

If a permanent schedule change, no, it needs to be done in VM Pro Client

If a temporary closure, you can do things like setting a user variable that is evaluated and then sent to the open or closed condition based on the value of the variable

You can create a hunt group for the sole purpose of setting it to Night Service or Out of Service via buttons on a supervisor's phone. The group has no members and does not receive calls. But in your call flow, when a department should be open, read the status of the hunt group, and route to open or temporarily closed.
Thank you for the quick and informative reply.
I'm still digesting the information... as I'm quite new to Avaya.

Your distinction makes sense.
The changes we're looking to do are "temporary".
Say a specific day we want to open at a different time.
The hunt group via supervisor's phone sounds good (I'm still trying to understand this though).

I will update ASAP.
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