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Default Ip Office R 9 embedded vx mail transfered messages get cut off. Help!

So we have a 4 line 6 phone IP Office essentials with 4 port vx mail R 9. Most voice mails go to our attendant set, and when she listens to them and then forwards them to other users they sometimes are cut off.
To be clear, she has to listen to them completely and save them or they wont be saved. I guess that is a known limitation. And then to transfer, she has to log out, then go back in as she can only transfer messages that have been saved.
The problem today is that once she transfers messages to different extensions on the system the users can listen to them and sometimes they are cut off. Sometimes they listen and the message is all there, but when the user listens a 2nd or 3rd time, the messages are cut off mid way through.
However, we turned off visual voice and all messages are being saved and transferred completely and all messages are there completely when listened to the 2nd or 3rd time.
What is the fix to be able to use visual voice and keep all the messages?
By the Way, thinking we had a corrupt SD card, we got a completely new chassis, new cards, and a completely new sd card, and built a completely new configuration, and still had the identical problem.
Is there a fix or patch coming?
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