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As AOS Backbone Engineer, I came across the CVT when searching for info on a new, managed account that came into our vertical. Account was turned over lacking information on configs and we did not have the luxury of time to spend putting it together. The first issue i came across was rather large from my perspective but may not be an issue for most and realize also I may not fall into the intended audience for the tool. However, i wanted to ask and find out:

Currently, The CVT only allows input for requests utilizing Customer FL/Sold To. Can we utilize SEIDs in place of sold to numbers or is there a plan for this capability? I would assume the Sold Tos/FLs are correlated into SEIDs anyways in the software, but wasnt sure. As a service employee, reach is pretty far away from the processes that I know to utilize Sold to's. Obtaining them can be a challenge as we speak SEID, not FL.

Great concept, very well executed..

I am Hopeful it will extend to allow for search input other than FL, but understanding if not.
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