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Default Hp® dl360 g8


I would like to ask if anyone had already installed Service Platform (6.0.3) on new HP® DL360 G8
I am asking because i found out three issues (so far):
a) Service Port is not working - bootable cd was in cdrom and i powered up server. Laptop is configured properly (verified with lab servers). Durig normal installation Console Port should be switched to Service Port after certain of time but somehow it does not work
b) additional NIC card is put into incorrect slot - known issue. BTW what for can i use those two additional interfaces (ETH4 & ETH5)?
c) because Service Port was not working i connected keybord and monitor:
- bootup server
- Avaya Aura welcome screen
- accepted with enter
- normal installation screen
- suddenly info appears that kickstart file can not be located So i switched to other terminal window and i see that cdrom is not mounted CD is ok because i used it to install other instance.

Tomorrow i will try to install it via usb but would like to know if anyone has the same problems.

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