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Default CM R7.1.2 - from scratch

We haven't had much contact with R7.x yet.
So far most of our customers have been doing fine with 6.3 but that's now about to change.
Hence we decided to give R7.x a try on our lab but we can't quite understand how it all works.
Right now we're not interested in ESXi, AWS or KVM. All we want is to install a R7.x system based on AVP instead of the former VSP and with CM, CMM and US all manager from our laptop which is running SDM client.
Our hardware is a G430, an S8300D and an MM710B.
So far we were able to install AVP on the S8300D and we can reach it on the using SDM client.
But now we're trying to install CM's OVA but it says the system is lacking the US vm installed...
So now we tried to first install the US vm using it's OVA but we ended up with an error message stating:
"Error Code-CONNECTION_NOT_ESTABLISHED:: The VM was started but a network connection could not be established to it, this may indicate a network issue between this system and the VM or the VM may not have deployed successfully. Please check the network configuration and the VM status from its management interface if connection can be made."

Also we're trying to find documentation on how the whole system is deployed (first AVP, then US, then CM, etc) but we can't find anything on the documentation.
CM's documentation is just about CM and doesn't refer to the other vm's you need to have.
AVP's documentation is also just about AVP's installation and it doesn't cover CM/US installation.
The R6.x was integrated, it mentioned the installation of VSP and then it mentioned the installation of the system platform templates.

Could anyone shed some light on this subject, please?
Thanks in advance.
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