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Default Upgrade CM_SurvRemote failed

I would like to do upgrade CM template version 6.2 to 6.3 and it is failed:

This template cannot be used to upgrade the currently installed template. See the Event Logs under Log Viewer for details.

Event Log:
disk lv_cm_var is required to be preserved, but has different capacity in exiting template than upgrade template.

Current version
CM_SurvRemote (cm 06.2-02.0.823.0, utility_server, bsm

New version:
CM_Surv_Remote or - same problem

System Platform is on old version 6.2.2. I will upgrade it after CM upgrade to last version SP 6.4.1 (PCN#1798S:Important Note: If upgrading System Platform to 6.3.8 or higher on a server running a release of Communication Manager lower than or,
Communication Manager or or higher should be activated prior
to upgrading to System Platform 6.3.8 or higher (e.g., 6.4). Any Communication
Manager Service Pack lower than or is incompatible with System
Platform 6.3.8 or higher.)

Do you have any idea? Thanks Radek
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