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Default VSP 7024 upgrade path and version advice


I have 3 VSP7024 switches running with ISIS SPBM and a fiber ring between my 3 datacentres. This is all working very nice.

Current version:
sysDescr: Virtual Services Platform 7024XLS
HW:06 FW: SW:v10.3.1.005
Mfg Date:20140120 HW Dev:none

Now I want to upgrade, and I know that I will have to take down a datacentre, upgrade the switch on that location and then bring the datacentre back online. I have a few questions though:

- What version should I go to? I saw that a version 10.4 is available? Is this version stable?
- Does my ISIS SPBM cloud still work after I upgraded one switch to 10.4?
- If I upgrade a switch, from to 10.4, can I do this in one reboot? Or do I need some in between versions?
- How long is the reboot window?
- I can't locate the upgrade instructions for the VSP7000 switches, I would think that it is roughly the same as a ERS5500 upgrade, but I would like to check this before bricking my devices.

Thanks a lot,
Jan Hugo Prins
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