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(None) is selected for both origination and termination application sequence for the user profile, the reason being is that I configured the CM as a SIP entity of "SIP trunk" because for the initial phase, I wanted it to be treated as such. I thought this would be a simpler setup and later I would migrate to a CM as Evolution Server configuration.

If I wanted the CM to be used as Evolution Server (with H.323 phones registering it to), I'm guessing I would have to configure it as a SIP Entity of "CM" and then it would be applicable to configure the CM for origination and terminate sequences for the user profile. Do you know if setting up the CM as an Evolution Server requires setting up the SMGR to sync up with the CM via ssh port 5022, or is that optional only if you want to manage CM via SMGR's web GUI?

When SM uses origination and termination application sequence, this is done via SIP between SM <--> CM, is that correct?

Sorry for all the questions, I just haven't found any good documentation that outlines migrating from CM 5.x and SES toward SMGR and SM and CM 6.x. Most documents I've come across seem to deal with greenfield installs.

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