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Most people have their laptop and a desktop monitor these days. If you place them just right (one above the other is a good configuration), you can be on a video conference while still monitoring e-mails, and it still looks like you are looking at the screen.

The dead give-away is if you start banging away at your keyboard and forget to mute!

The real distraction culprits are all the pop-ups for new IMs, new e-mails, web-page pop-ups/flash sliding graphics, etc....

Then to make it even more distracting there are different sounds when a pop-up comes up....ding-ding...bling-bling....All of this just to make sure you look away from the screen towards the pop-up.

If the pop-up piques your curiosity (why is my colleague pinging me, oooh...that MSN headliner looks interesting, etc...), BAM! you are now "multi-tasking" - one thing productive, one not so much.

Is this acceptable (rhetorically)?...I say no! ....But you can't blame the user either, really. They are just another victim falling prey to our dual-monitor world of more desktop space is better society.

What we need: An Exclusivity Clause Feature. Turn it on, and only one thing remains active. No pop-ups, distracting sounds, etc... Perhaps even let the video conferencing/audio conferencing client trigger the Exclusivity Clause.

How's that for an idea!

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