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Default CRM phonebook synchronizer


I have a very big problem about phonebook synchronizer plugin. In a CRM database I configured Phonebook synchronizer plugin as in written the user guide. Which are;

1. Copy all files from [DVD:\Utilities\Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Customizations\Realtime Phonebook Synchronizer] to the [C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\assembly] folder in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.
Note: The included callout.config.xml file instructs Microsoft Dynamics CRM to load the Phonebook synchronizer assembly whenever changes occur in Accounts and Contacts. If you are already using other customizations and would like to keep your original callout.config.xml, please amend your current callout.config.xml with additional entries found in the included callout.config.xml file.

2. Update the ASMSCRMPhonebookSynchronizer.ini. The AS Contact Database Connection String needs to be set to your CCE Contact Database.

I did these steps correctly but, I think there are more configuration settings, because now according to this settings I get ASP.NET errror in event viewer and CRM dies suddenly which says ;

Assembly can not be loaded from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\server\bin\assembly\ASMSCRMPhonebookSynchroniz er.dll.

I searched from support center but I don't have any solution,document or idea about it. If anyone help me , I will be pleasure.

My best regards...
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