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Default Same problem here

Sorry this is not a reply with a solution. I want to mention I have the same problem.
Using one-x Mobile 6.1.2. It does not remember the password.
If I exit the program and open again, it throws up an error "Login Failed"
If I touch the error message to open it, it takes me to the login screen where the login Name and Password are blank.
I fill those in, and it connects.
Then at some point it will prompt for Voice-mail PIN. I enter that and touch Done, and I am fine. I'm logged in and it all works.
However, if I go to Settings / Account Information, the Password and Voice-mail PIN fields are blank.
If I fill them in, it will say, Please restart the application for settings to take effect.
If I then Exit the application and then open it again, the cycle of errors starts again.
If I reboot my phone and open the app again, the cycle of errors starts again.
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