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Default 96xx phone takes 5 hours to boot up

during a recent office move, I have an issue where any 9608 phone that is unplugged, takes several hours to boot up again. I have checked the network and is as follows:

phone boots into customer data vlan234
gets string from DHCP server: L2QVLAN=160

the phone then sits there with dhcp=5 vlan=160 until it finally sorts itself out and boots up.

the voice vlan has the 242 string on Cisco switch
= option 242 ascii MCIPADD=*.*.*.*,HTTPSRVR=*.*.*.*,HTTPDIR=/tftpboot,L2QVLAN=160

all phones are working before reboot, and do finally come back, but I need to move lots of phones and dont know whats changes on the network/dhcp may have caused this, any ideas, things to check please?
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