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Default One-X Attendant conflict with Skype For Business?

Our receptionists currently use One-X Attendant (1XA - rel. They also use Lync 2013 for IM only. Converting Lync to cloud based Skype For Business we discovered a conflict between Skype and 1XA.

With Skype signed out all calls to/from 1XA ring but go idle as soon as call is answered (verified with List Trace).

With Skype signed in all calls complete but two things happen >
#1 the Skype For Business app "pops" for every 1XA call in or out.
#2 the attendant hears a 2nd dial-tone from CM simultaneous with the attendant call. This 2nd dial tone eventually times out and the CM handset off-hook alarm is heard.

Removing Skype For Business feature from Windows set up solves the problem.

We can live without Skype For Business on the attendant machines but I'd like to understand the issue.

We are CM 6.2 and successfully run One-X Communicator (rel. 6.2 SP4) with Skype For Business without any problem.
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