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Default Report fields do not add up

This is a frequent question. Not just on CDN reports, but also many other reports. It is typically 1 of 2 reasons. You are running interval reports and not all events take place in the same interval. Or, more likely, there is another alternative for the call. Look at the Application Call Treatment report to see examples of other outcomes for a call, it has the most detail. Not every (or even most) reports have a field for everything that could happen to a call. For example a call that receives ROUTE CALL treatment is not answered or abandoned so it would not show up in either of those columns. It would show up as Routed in the Application Call Treatment report. Other treatments are possible such as Overflow, IVR, etc. It is good to understand what else might happen to a call and then quit trying to add on other reports. If you need those details you need to go to the appropriate report or create a report that has the fields you want to see.
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