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Default Divert all calls to external number - IP Office


I am a complete novice and would really appreciate someone's help with this:

I have an Avaya IP Office telephone system system installed, which contains 3x1406 handsets & 1x1408 handset.

When the main office number (e.g. 500000) is dialed all 4 phones ring. Each phone is also setup with a direct number (e.g. 500001,500002,500003,500004) so when this is dialled only that particular phone rings.

I am trying to setup the system so that when nobody is in the office, if the main number is dialed, that call will be diverted to an external number (e.g. my house phone). I have succesfully implemented the forward unconditional option but this only diverts when my direct line is dialed, not the main office number.

Is it possible to setup a divert on the main office number?

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