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We have similar problems with "all" our IP Office deployments with IP Phones. We have run QOS tests with testing gear, and have found no issues with the network. Keep in mind with all our IP Office deployments they are local LAN networks, with 1 or 2 network switches at most.

As well, digitized voice and one way talk path issues, typically can be controlled by the network. But echo and volume issues, are typically a sign of issues with digital to analog conversions. When using digital stations, there is no conversion since going from analog (phone set) to analog (carrier signal). When going from an IP Phone to a carrier signal that is analog, then you will have a conversion, and hence a potential for echo or volume issues. Would seem logical then if using an IP Phone, may be better to use SIP trunking to the carrier since it will stay digital to digital.

Thus, with the current scenario where we have IP Phones and a carrier signal that is an analog circuit, we have still not found a resolution. Customers have all been complaining about echo problems. We have changed out analog cards within the IP Office and still no resolve.

Is anyone else having these issues? Has anyone else found a fix for this problem?

We tried adjusting the echo gain parameters, but has minimal impact.

I have heard that if using AT&T as the carrier, may have better results if having to keep with analog circuits. Anyone using AT&T for their PSTN circuits?
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