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The Shortcode 9N / Dial / N / 50 will send the calls to the Main ARS table, then you can append s612341E to each telephone after the N. However, if you put the entire incoming DID telephone number into the Incoming Call Route (instead of just the expected digits from the telco) the system will automatically send out your DID as your CID

Originally Posted by kgiam View Post

I have an ISDN 10. Basically, I have phone numbers for example from 61234150 to 61234159. I have 2-digit internal extension setup from 50 to 59.

I wanted to have a correct short code configured that users need to press 9 first before they can make an external call.

So I have setup

Code: 9N
Feature: Dial
Telephone: .

The problem with this is, yes they can call external after pressing 9, but the the phone number that the called/recipient party see is the first 61234150. I wanted that when the user with the extension of say 55, when he/she call external, it will appear as 61234155

Yes, I can do via each user shortcode

Code: 9N
Feature: Dial
Telephone: s61234155

But is there a general way to do it, and not I will do this on every user shortcode?

Thanks in advance.
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