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How to obtain LAC:

1. Submit order to Avaya with Sold to, LAC emails .

2. PLDS send LAC recipients an email with LAC and activation/download details

Registering to PLDS:

1. Log into PLDS:

2. Log into SSO with your valid ID and password
a. Ensure that your SSO account is linked to your valid email address
b. SSO will validate that you are not an existing PLDS user and send you to the
registration page

3. Enter your information
a. Enter your Sold to/LAC/

4. Click Submit.

It will take up to one business day to receive the confirmation of your access

If you have trouble getting LAC through above process please contact the PLDS support team with your queries.

PLDS Support Numbers
 [*]For the US, please call 1-866-AVAYA IT (+1-866-282-9248) or 303-354-8999.[*]EMEA users should call +44 1483 309800,[*]Canada and CALA users should call +1 720 444 0130.[*]APAC users should call +65 6872 8700[*]Germany users should call +49 69 7505 1234
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