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Old 07-09-2010, 01:54 PM
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Default New Device?

Here are my wants for a new device from AVAYA (I hear there may be one coming):

I would like Tablet device that:
  • Supports Voice and Video (front-face web cam)
  • Supports WIFI, GSM / CDMA 3G /4G ...but not required
  • Has a dock where (when in the dock) Voice connects and operates like an regular AVAYA handset. i.e. dock has a normal handset like receiver, etc...
  • Supports SIP based multi-vendor support for video
  • Supports basic PC type functions (Web, e-mail, IM, Office Apps, etc...)
  • And...the cost? Should be competitive with iPad and / or at least make it cost no more than a 9650.
Ok, I know you're asking why in the world would AVAYA want to make this?
  1. After all these years of IPT, the vast majority of users still want a physical handset at work. Mobile and SoftPhones are neat, but true desk-jockeys need / want dedicated hardware
  2. The iPad form factor is very attractive to mobile business workers, but is very limited in business communication function.
  3. Video is "HERE"! Make no mistake, within a couple years every smart-phone made will support it. AVAYA could just build video (maybe they still will) into new handsets, but...
  4. If there were ever a time to chance something like this, it's NOW. For whatever reason, smart-phones and Tablet / Netbooks are in this unique development zone, where lack of maturity and evolving standards doesn't preclude people from wanting and buying these devices
  5. Just think about it... If you could have a device that could be a true UCC device, that could also support basic IT services / apps (Web browsing / Standard Office Apps), AND it cost not too much more than a new handset...would you want it?
Obviously there's one big reason why AVAYA wouldn't want do this, and that is AVAYA is not and probably doesn't want to be Apple / MS, etc... right?

Hmmm, what might work is if AVAYA were to partner with the largest PC maker in the world that also happened to just complete the purchase of the only mobile OS that's better than Android or iPhone... ...and that company made this device.

Ok, ok, I know this is a VERY far stretch or even pipe-dream. It just hit me as I browsed the Internets and saw Cisco's new device, then registered for the July 20th AVAYA announcement (That will change the way...). Also, AVAYA and HP are close partners and WebOS is incredible...even on year old hardware it's still better than any other mobile OS.
Gary Rogerson

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