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Old 09-21-2014, 04:54 AM
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Default CS1K 7.6/When UPM CS1000 account sync is run causes the frist and last name to be rev

When UPM CS1000 account sync is run causes the frist and last name to be reversed in LD 95.

When user are migrated or created new in SMGR user management and the accounts are synced to telephony accounts in the CS1K and in the Identity tab the localized display name is set to Last, First when an Inventory CS1000 Sync is done from SMGR will cause the CS1000 CPND names to be reversed i.e. Ld 95 name format is set to first name, last name entered as Gary, Webster after CS1000 sync is done in LD 95 name will be Wer, G (Last name will be in the first name field and First name in the last name field) If I go in to User management and change user account to be first name, Last name in the localized display name field commit and then run another CS1000 account sync name will be back to G, Wer in LD 95 From reading the SMGR admin guide the localized display name is defaulted to last, first. During migration to UPM there is no localized display name included so all accounts default to Last, First. Also from reading seems that the Localized display name is more of a CM feature and CM profiles can override localized and endpoint names.

SMGR 6.3 SP5 (SP doesn’t matter it works this why on all versions of 6.3) and CS1K 7.6 1.Create user in SMGR User Management 2.In Communications Tab build or link to existing CS1000 phone (ensure that the CPND format is set to first last and that name CPND name matches the User Profile name) 3.Run Inventory CS1000 sync 4.Check CS1000 CPND name after the CS1000 sync completes If name in localized display name is set to Last name, First name when you print the name for the users DN it should be backwards If you change the name in user profile Localized Name display to be Frist name, Last name and run the cs1000 sync again then prt Name for DN in ld 95 the name will be first name, last name I have had this problem on several customer sites we cannot use these sites test with and when the names get reversed the customer get upset because internal calls the displays show last name, first name etc…… I have this LAB set up and could give you the walk through so you can see the issue that is happening, I can reproduce it at will. From reading in the SMGR Manual if the localized display name or Endpoint name are not defined when the user is created the System automatically sets it to Last name, First Name. But when yu migrate a system into User Management from a CS1K those field will not be set so it defaults to the Last name, First name In the CM user Profile there appears to be a feature that would

provided two patches by design: cs1000-bcc- SMGR 6.3.8 part: System_Manager_R6.3_FP4_HF_4502612.bin

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