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Old 09-27-2014, 01:44 AM
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Default CS1K7.6/ 2050 softphones show logged in to AACC after application is shutdown.

2050 softphones show logged in to AACC after application is shutdown.

ACD Agent can't log out (logout) after virtual office (VO) logout operation when patch MPLR33065 (introduced in SP5) is in-service. AUD021 AUD028 BUG4001 BUG4005 AUD017 AUD018 AUD005 AUD393 AUD033 PRINTED

PROBLEM TEXT: Agent cannot logged out after virtual logout operation. The problem is reproducible with MPLR33065 installed. SETUP AND ACTIONS PERFORMED TO CAUSE THE PROBLEM: - CS1k with release 7.6; - AACC is configured and active; - set A - DVLA set; - TN B - acquired agent TN; - HOML option is set to NO. 1. Set A performs VO login to TN B, logged in as agent - when press Virtual key to logout. Agent B (TN B) is marked as logged in in AACC and calls can be routed to this agent. EXPECTED RESULTS: 1. Agent in logged out on AACC when it is logged out on CS1k. ACTUAL RESULTS: 1. Agent is marked as logged in even no set is registered to that TN. ========= MPLR33065 ========= SETUP and ACTIONS performed to cause the problem: HARDWARE and DATA SETUP: - 7.65P Call server with Virtual trunks and I2050 based agents; - Set A Internal or Virtual trunk caller; - Set B AACC acquired agent. ACTIONS: 1. Set A calls the AACC DN. 2. Set B answers the call. 3. Set B places the call on hold. 4. Set B has a LAN Failure, or closes the I2050 PC client. 5. Set B recovers it's connection. 6. Run Audit. EXPECTED RESULTS: 1. Call is queued for the agent B. 2. Call is established ok. 3. Set A hears on hold treatment. Set B Key 0 indicates the call on Hold. 4. Agent is logged out automatically 5. Call is still on hold if they did not disconnect. (This is the case if the agent is not acquired) 6. AUD000 ACTUAL RESULTS: 1. As expected. 2. As expected. 3. As expected. 4. As expected. 5. Call is gone from the key, so the agent cannot recover it, but the agent is able to log in and take new calls. 6. External call result: AUD021 076ED59C 00000607 00000003 00006404 00000002 00006400 00000000 00006400 AUD028 076ED59C 00000607 00000003 00006404 00000002 00000000 00000000 00006400 BUG4001 BUG4001 : 00000000 7 076ED59C 00000607 02180084 00006404 00000000 0 00000000 00 000000 076F1784 0 7100 AA17 0 0 0 0 0 7 BUG4001 + 30793980 30789550 44D6EA85 31814148 318129EC BUG4001 + 31811E4E 317F877F 317DDC22 44D4E433 317CCC01 BUG4001 + 31750FB4 3174FD14 3174F81D 3174D927 31749FE0 BUG4001 + 317B57C8 317B5271 317B4F42 317B4E14 316E8654 BUG4001 + 44D0CB7F
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