Interface LucentRouteUsedEvent

All Superinterfaces:
ITsapiRouteUsedEvent, RouteSessionEvent, RouteUsedEvent

public interface LucentRouteUsedEvent
extends ITsapiRouteUsedEvent

This private interface to the RouteUsedEvent helps pre-Avaya JTAPI 3.1 applications which use the JTAPI 1.2 RouteUsedEvent.getRouteUsed() method to be adapted to conform to to the JTAPI 1.4 specification with a one-line code change. The problem is that the JTAPI 1.4 getRouteUsed method no longer returns an Address; instead it now returns a Terminal. In many scenarios this is a problem because no Terminal may be used to represent an off-switch party, so for those 'routes' this will return 'null'. An Address may be returned for off-switch parties. To solve this problem caused by the new return value, this private interface includes a new method that returns what the JTAPI 1.2 method used to use (an Address), so that it can be used as a replacement API call. Then some JTAPI 1.2-compliant code which looked like

Address ad; RouteUsedEvent ev;
ad= ev.getRouteUsed(); // using JTAPI 1.2
can be modified to the form

Address ad; RouteUsedEvent ev;
ad= ((LucentV7RouteUsed)ev).getRouteUsedAddress(); // using Avaya interface
which preserves the prior functionality.

Method Summary
 Address getRouteUsedAddress()
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getCallingAddress, getCallingTerminal, getDomain, getRouteUsed
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Method Detail


public Address getRouteUsedAddress()
an Address corresponding to the route used. This replaces the JTAPI 1.2 method RouteUsedEvent.getRouteUsed().

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