Interface LucentV7Provider

All Superinterfaces:
CallCenterProvider, ITsapiProvider, LucentProvider, LucentV5Provider, Provider

public interface LucentV7Provider
extends LucentV5Provider

adds queries which give information about the underlying Avaya switching platform. Introduced with TSAPI service PBX Driver Private Data Version 7, with TSAPI service on Application Enablement Server 3.1.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 java.lang.String getAdministeredSwitchSoftwareVersion()
          provides the Administered switch Software Version (as administered in the system parameters customer options form on the switch).
 java.lang.String getOfferType()
          provides the Avaya switch Offer Type.
 java.lang.String getServerType()
          provides the switch Server Type.
 java.lang.String getSwitchSoftwareVersion()
          provides the actual Avaya switch Software Version.
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getCallClassifierInfo, getSwitchDateAndTime, getTrunkGroupInfo
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getTsapiState, getVendor, getVendorVersion, setDebugPrinting, updateAddresses
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getACDAddresses, getACDManagerAddresses, getRouteableAddresses

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getAdministeredSwitchSoftwareVersion()
provides the Administered switch Software Version (as administered in the system parameters customer options form on the switch). The value is zero based, so the value passed will be one less than what is administered. For example, if the switch version is administered to be 12, then 11 will be passed.


public java.lang.String getSwitchSoftwareVersion()
provides the actual Avaya switch Software Version. It will be the same software version string that is shown when a customer logs into a SAT for a switch.


public java.lang.String getOfferType()
provides the Avaya switch Offer Type. This value will be a null string for GAZ systems. Valid values for Linux systems include: sray, seagull, chawk, chawk-lsp, s8500, s8500_blade, and vm_blade.


public java.lang.String getServerType()
provides the switch Server Type. This field will be a zero-length String for GAZ systems. Valid values for Linux systems include: isp2100, premio, icc, laptop, ld380g3, hs20_8832_vm, hs20, ibmx305, ibmx306, and tn8400.

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