Class V7DeviceHistoryEntry

  extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.V7DeviceHistoryEntry

public final class V7DeviceHistoryEntry
extends java.lang.Object

an entry that represents a connection that was formerly on a call. This provides equivalent content to the Avaya TSAPI service implementation of CSTA3 DeviceHistory parameter (see ECMA-269 Edition 5, "12.2.13 DeviceHistory"). Note that private interfaces are defined to enable an application to use the TSAPI information (specifically the ConnectionID).

See Also:
LucentEventCause, LucentV7CallInfo, V7OriginalCallInfo

Method Summary
 short getEventCause()
          get the cause for the connection dropping.
 ConnectionID getOldConnectionID()
          get the dropped ConnectionID.
 java.lang.String getOldDeviceID()
          get the name of the device dropped with the connection.
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Method Detail


public java.lang.String getOldDeviceID()
get the name of the device dropped with the connection.


public short getEventCause()
get the cause for the connection dropping. The eventCause is the cause value as reported in the event that signalled that this ConnectionID was removed from the call, except for cause value EC_NETWORK_SIGNAL, which specifically means that this value was recorded to document that an ISDN Redirecting Number value was provided for an incoming call by the PSTN network (see TSAPI documentation for Device History). In short, the OldDevice off-switch party was previously on the (network) call, but the PSTN network redirected the call away from that device, and sent it to the current switch.

Note that the eventCause is a number whose value is one of the entries described in LucentEventCause.

See Also:


public ConnectionID getOldConnectionID()
get the dropped ConnectionID.

This might be useful to an application if it needed to get a reference to the Call that the ConnectionID refers to. Note that the CallID (int) may be retrieved using the LucentConnectionID interface. This value may then be used to look up the Call, using the getCall(int) method of the ITsapiProviderPrivate interface.

See Also:
ITsapiProviderPrivate, LucentConnectionID

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