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MultiCallMetaEvent, SingleCallMetaEvent

public interface MetaEvent
extends Event

The MetaEvent interface is the base interface for all JTAPI Meta events. All Meta events must extend this interface.

An individual MetaEvent conveys, directly and with necessary details, what an application needs to know to respond to a higher-level JTAPI event.

Currently, meta events are defined in pairs, and they convey three types of information: first, the type of higher-level operation which has occurred; second, the beginning and end of the sequence of "normal" JTAPI events which were generated to convey the consequential JTAPI model state changes that occurred because of this higher-level operation; third, which JTAPI entities were involved in the higher-level operation.

A JTAPI implementation is alerted to changes in the state of the associated telephony platform, and reflects that state by sending a stream of JTAPI objects, delimited by MetaEvents. An application learns of the details of that state change by processing all the events between the starting and ending MetaEvents.

Generally the application may draw incorrect conclusions about the current state of the associated telephony platform if it decides to act before processing all the events delimited by the MetaEvents. Specifically, an application which wishes to submit queries to the JTAPI implementation about the current state of JTAPI entities should not submit the query until it has processed the matching "ending" MetaEvent.

The specific Meta event is indicated by the Event.getID() value returned by the event. The specific Meta event provides context information about the higher-level event.

The Event.getMetaEvent method returns the Meta event associated with a "normal" event (or returns null).

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