Interface ProviderObserver

public interface ProviderObserver

The ProviderObserver interface reports all changes which happen to the Provider object.


These changes are reported as events to the ProviderObserver.providerChangedEvent() method. Applications must instantiate an object which implements this interface and then use the Provider.addObserver()) method to register the object to receive all future events associated with the Provider object.

The ProviderObserver.providerChangedEvent() method receives an array of events which all must extend the ProvEv interface. Since several changes may happen to a single JTAPI object at once, a list of events is needed to convey those changes which happen at the same time. Applications iterate through the array of events provided.

Provider State Changes

In the core package, an event is delivered whenever the Provider changes state. The event interfaces which correspond to these state changes for the core package are: ProvInServiceEv, ProvOutOfServiceEv, and ProvShutdownEv.

Provider Observation Ending

At various times, the underlying implementation may not be able to observe the Provider. In these instances, the ProviderObserver is sent an ProvObservationEndedEv event. This indicates that the application will not receive further events associated with the Provider object. This observer will no longer be reported via the Provider.getObservers() method.

Avaya is providing its backward-compatible Observer model implementation in this release; in the specification this interface is deprecated As of JTAPI 1.4, replaced by ProviderListener

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See Also:
ProvEv, ProvInServiceEv, ProvOutOfServiceEv, ProvShutdownEv, ProvObservationEndedEv

Method Summary
 void providerChangedEvent(ProvEv[] eventList)
          Reports all events associated with the Provider object.

Method Detail


public void providerChangedEvent(ProvEv[] eventList)
Reports all events associated with the Provider object. This method passes an array of ProvEv objects as its arguments which correspond to the list of events representing the changes to the Provider object.

eventList - The list of Provider events.

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