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public interface CallControlTerminalObserver
extends TerminalObserver

The CallControlTerminalObserver interface reports all events for the CallControlTerminal interface. Applications implement this interface to receive CallControlTerminal-related events. All events are reported via the TerminalObserver.terminalChangedEvent() method. This interface, therefore, allows applications to signal to the implementation that they are interested in call control package events. This interface defines no additional methods.

All events must extend the CallCtlTermEv event interface, which in turn, extends the core TermEv interface.

The following are those events which are associated with this interface:

CallCtlTermDoNotDisturbEv Indicates the Do Not Disturb characteristics of this Terminal has changed.

Avaya is providing its backward-compatible Observer model implementation in this release; in the specification this interface is deprecated As of JTAPI 1.4, replaced by CallControlTerminalListener

See Also:
TerminalObserver, TermEv, CallControlTerminal, CallCtlTermEv, CallCtlTermDoNotDisturbEv

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