Interface PhoneTerminal

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public interface PhoneTerminal
extends Terminal

The PhoneTerminal interface extends the Terminal interface to provide functionality for the Phone package. It allows applications to obtain arrays of telephony Components (each group is called a ComponentGroup) which represents the physical components of telephones.

Method Summary
 ComponentGroup[] getComponentGroups()
          Returns an array of ComponentGroup objects available on the Terminal.
Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.Terminal
addCallListener, addCallObserver, addObserver, addTerminalListener, getAddresses, getCallListeners, getCallObservers, getCapabilities, getName, getObservers, getProvider, getTerminalCapabilities, getTerminalConnections, getTerminalListeners, removeCallListener, removeCallObserver, removeObserver, removeTerminalListener

Method Detail


public ComponentGroup[] getComponentGroups()
Returns an array of ComponentGroup objects available on the Terminal. A ComponentGroup object is composed of a number of Components. Examples of Component objects include headsets, handsets, speakerphones, and buttons. ComponentGroup objects group Components together.

An array of ComponetGroup objects on this Terminal.

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