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verma62 06-17-2015 02:10 AM

External Destination call

I am trying to call an external phone number pstn/mobile number from IPOCC. Here I have found two options blocks i.e. External Destination(Task flow) and Call(IVR).

Currently I am having issues with my IP 500 V2 Gateway so not able to check these options. Has anyone tried this and can guide me on limitations. I want to make external call and in case of call fail (No Response, bust, route congestion etc), I want to take an appropriate action i.e. announcement.

Thanks in Advance!

verma62 06-18-2015 06:45 AM

External destination call
Dear All,

Any idea if I can use task flow external destination tag for making an outbound call to a mobile number and failure(busy, etc) can be captured.

I tried finding document for task element(External Element) and IVR element(Call) but didn't find any useful information.

kruegerb 06-23-2015 12:27 AM

the element External destination can be used only for inbound, in case you want to route the call to a special destination (like answering machine, mobile, other call center,...) e.g. in out of office time.
outbound calls are possible with the call element in IVR script.
what is the intention? perhaps there is already a solution for the requirement

verma62 06-23-2015 08:17 AM

We have a use case where we need to transfer the inbound call to a particular mobile number (lets say after office hours), if call connection fails to particular mobile number(No Response, bust, route congestion etc) we want to capture the event and perform specific task i.e. reporting etc.

If I understand your feedback, external destination(task flow) for inbound calls(not outbound) but can it be used for sending the call to some mobile number? Also I am sure here that we can't capture any call failure events here.

For the call element in ivr it is giving us some events in case of failure which I may use but I am not able to confirm if same can be used to route the call to external mobile number.

Thanks for your support.

kruegerb 06-24-2015 12:19 AM

For this use case you should use External Destination in task flow. Create an External destination with the particular mobile number. In case of busy, the system will try to reach the destination every 5 sec.
If no connection between caller and External Destination in reporting the counter totNAbanExtDest will count, in Contact Detail Report you will see in column Connection state like Abandoned instead of connected.

verma62 06-24-2015 01:33 AM

Thanks for the explanation Kruegerb.

This will help me but here as I understand we won't be able to take further automated action i.e. sending an email/custom reporting etc.

I will also try exploring the call tag in IVR as it is giving us failure exits, but seems that cant be use for making call to mobile number.

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