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silve66 12-27-2017 11:02 AM

Restrict Access to OpenNMS Server
We just had a penetration test and this is one of the items we were "dinged" with a high finding. The issue is listed below. Can anyone help me resolve this, it was the primary that got the flag

2). Restrict Access to OpenNMS Server:
Ensure that all exposed ports used by the OpenNMS server, including the rmi_registry port which exists in default configurations on port 1099, are restricted to only allow communication to the hosts required for its functionality

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

silve66 12-27-2017 11:05 AM

Never mind... Found this


silve66 12-27-2017 11:14 AM

nm... I uploaded to home in winscp and then mv file to config_files. Resolved

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