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mshash 10-30-2019 11:33 AM

How to use Analog Trunks on Expansion System from Primary Server? (IPO-SE-Select)
Hi all, this is my first post in this forum and I'm also new in IP Office Platform. I'm trying to configure an IP Office Server Edition Select system with primary server, secondary server and IP500v2 control unit with 4 analog trunk 16 expansion modules (client has 60 PSTN numbers).

The problem is, I can't configure to use analog trunks from primary server for outbound calls. inbound is working fine. if I create user on ip500v2 (not in primary server) and set related shortcode then I can outbound calls through analog trunks without any issue but can't from primary server's users/extensions. I've tried to use an ARS with "line group id" as outbound id for trunk to ip500v2 from primary server and etc. but no luck.

Most probably I'm missing something. I can't find any example or documentation about how to use analog trunks in expansion system from primary server for outbound calls. I've configured SIP trunks for IPTSP on primary server and that is working fine for both inbound and outbound calls.

Can you help me on this or share some tips about any related documentation?
Thanks in advance.

thiel2 10-30-2019 03:49 PM

If you were dealing with a single IP 500 control unit, you would have a short code of 9N / Dial / N / 50:Main to take what you dialed after 9 and send it to the ARS table that sends the call out on the Analog lines.

With a Server Edition, you have a trunk between the SE and the IP 500. It will have a Line Group number of something like 99997 for instance.

On the SE, you need a short code of 9N / Dial / 9N / 99997 to get the dial string from the SE to the 500, AND include the leading 9 so that the IP 500 receives 9+number, sends just the number portion to the ARS table and the call goes out as expected.

mshash 10-31-2019 07:58 AM

Hi thiel2, Thanks for your detail explanation. It helps me a lot. Problem solved. Thanks.

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