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Here's what happened.

I created a new Incoming Call Route entry with the * wildcard and my personal number for testing under the incoming CLI. Then created a shortcode inside the 500V2, example *810 with the barred feature.

So I was able to confirm that my call from my number dropped instantly as soon as it hit the phone system.

I thought, "well, I will just leave delete my number from the Incoming Call Route entry, the new one with the *, and leave it up as a template for future use". Then I got a call saying that outside numbers cant call our center. I proceeded to delete the ICR entry as well as the shortcode, then everything worked normally.

With that said...I questioned what I did, when I deleted my number from the ICR entry, did that wildcard * blocked every incoming number because it didnt have a incoming CLI ? Did it block all outside numbers in the first place?

Would you please explain me what the * does? Thanks and I appreciate your reply.
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