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Default Avaya Aura Utility Server not Showing Updated FW


I'm new to my organization and managing the Avaya Phone system. I was able to get the Avaya Utility Server up and running in a VM: I've updated to the latest version I could find ( and am able to log in and upload files. I've also successfully configured our CM Login (We are running Communications Manager 5.2, if I am not mistaken).

The Utility Server was able to Display all of my Avaya Stations and give me details about their IP, version, extension, and FW version. The majority of our phones are Avaya 16xx, so that's what I've been focusing on. The Latest Firmware Version on the server for the 16xx phones is 1.3200. I've downloaded the latest firmware file from the avaya site (I believe it is 1.3.9. The file name of the .zip package is 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_3_9-032816) and was able to successfully upload the file to the server.

The uploaded file showed up under "Manage Phone Firmware" and I was able to unpack and activate it. I even went about Deactivating and completely removing the old 16xx firmware that came pre-installed on the system. However, when I go back to "Display Server Firmware" it still list the Latest Firmware Version as 1.3200.

We are currently using the IP_Tel app running on a physical Windows machine, but the goal is to move off of IP_Tel, decommission the physical machine and use the Utility Server VM exclusively. Is there some reason why the Firmware version on the server will not update? Is there a step that I am missing? I've included attachments that may be helpful. Thank you for any help you may be able to give!

Manage FW.JPG

FW Available.JPG
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