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Default M3900 Series problem on transfer

Hello Everybody,

We did several upgrade of CS1000 to the latest rls which is 7.5.We are having a problem always on M3900 series digital sets when it comes to transfer feature.

This problem occurs when a user do a supervised transfer,the connect feature was not displaying on the button so you cannot complete the call transfer.

The solution to this issue is to do a firmware upgrade of the M3900 sets.

Now,our problem is that M3900 sets firmware upgrade takes approximately 10-15 minutes for each phone.Our client having more than 200 phones,so it will be problem for us.Other customer having more 500 M3900 sets.

Do we have patch for this issue?Or is there any other way to do a firmware upgrade of all the M3900 in one shot...I mean simultaneously?


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