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Default Incoming Call Routes / SIP issues

Hello all,

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to assist me, I really appreciate it!

I am having an issue with a customer who has ~50 users and wants the sales personnel to have their DID show as Caller ID on external calls(607 111 2222 / 607 111 2223 / etc), while having all of the rest of the employees show the main number(607 111 1111).

SIP service with 2 configured SIP URI channels (See attachments)

The issue I am running into is that if a users "SIP," tab is configured to use the main number (607 111 1111) then their DID that is assigned to an ICR will not work... So if somebody calls in trying to use that users DID to reach them directly, they just get a fast busy. I am trying to do this because I want most users to show the lead number instead of their DID when making outbound calls.

But as soon as I change the user "SIP," tab information back to their corresponding DID, it will work fine. This is great for the sales personnel but we want to show the main number for the rest of the employees... Not DIDs for everyone. The issue we are running into with this is if i leave a users "SIP," tab default with their extension and name then the extension will show up on the remote parties Caller ID

For example if I configure it that way for extension 242 then the remote party will see (+1242) on the caller ID, instead of a real full number.

I am assuming there is some authentication type issues somewhere corresponding to the individual users "SIP," configuration and the ICR? Not sure though...

I have tried to search other treads for similar issues but have not found quite the same issue unfortunately.

I have tried to replicate this on my system here (R10 | Customer is on R9.1.12) and it just works like I would expect it to and I dont have any issues.

If you need more information or a better explanation please feel free to ask, and any advice I am thankful for!
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