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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
In general for SIP programming.....

For the Incoming Call Routes, put the entire 11-digit incoming number, not just the last 4 digits.

For the User's SIP Tab, put in the whole 11 digit telephone number that you want to send

Create 2 URIs. One has all *'s (or Auto for R10), the other has "Use Internal Data". Both URIs have the same line group for incoming, but different group numbers for outgoing.

Create an ARS that uses the typical "NS1xxxxxxxxxx" and use the URI with the *'s. This will send the caller ID that you specified in the ARS entry.

Create an ARS that doesn't specify the number to send but uses the URI with the *'s, and it will automatically send the user's DID number on outbound

Create an ARS that doesn't specify the number to send but uses the URI with the Use Internal Data and it will send what is in the User's SIP Tab

Hi Thiel & Thanks for the fast response.

So I do have the full number in all of the fields, just erased the first few digits for the customers privacy.

I have the two URI's created, so from the sounds of it I just need separate ARS's created to achieve what I am trying to do.
So I have not configured much more than default ARS entries before.. How would I route who uses what ARS? Can I do this at a user level?

I did some testing on my system here and I have a short code that is 8N to dial out that goes to ARS:50 and had to create a separate short code 86N that goes to ARS:51.

When I dial out on ARS 50 my lead number shows, when I dial out on ARS 51 my DID shows which is great, just not sure how to configure this on a per user level without making them dial extra digits. Ideas?