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Exclamation Show Two Message Waiting Indicators

Good Afternoon Everyone,
This will refer to the Avaya 9608 IP station and deskset.
I have a team of staff who are used to the functionality of 6400 desksets. Having moved them to another building that only has VoIP service, we switched out their phones.
They’re asking that I give them both the personal voicemail indicator on the upper right corner of their phone and that of the team voicemail somewhere in view. Easy enough right?
That is perhaps for y’all. Here are my semi-brilliant moves . . . First, I opened tab 4 of the station configuration dialog. I moved call the third call appearance down to line 4 and replaced it with the “aut-msg-wt” for their voice mail.
1: call-appr Auto-A/D? n
2: call-appr Auto-A/D? n
3: aut-msg-wt Ext: 6677
4: call-appr Auto-A/D? n
Upon saving it, I discovered that nothing had changed! So I logged off the phone and restarted it. Again no change.
Next I removed the contents of lines 3 and 4. This saving my work produced a display with only two call appearances. NOW I’m getting somewhere! I added the aut-msg-wt line back.
1: call-appr Auto-A/D? n
2: call-appr Auto-A/D? n
3: aut-msg-wt Ext: 6677
But saving this still only showed the two call appearances. WHAT? There must be a way right? So I again added the third call appearance to line 4. However all I had to show for this was again the three call appearances.
Thank you,
Bill Marzahn
Telecommunications Administrator
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
299 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908-5720
401-459-6677 (Direct "Find-me" Line)
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