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Originally Posted by sharao View Post
Hello All,
I have got used distribution office I40 that include AM110 module and 2 avaya one- x IP phones (9640 and 9620L).
The setup now is very basic: the phones connect straight to the DO I40 and the local network and all the devices in the same network mask.
I have got managed to update the phones firmware through my PC as file server.
I can manage to ping the phone and the DO I40.
I can manage the I40 through web interface.

The problem is that the IP phone stuck on "Discover"
I configured the phone call server the IP of the platform of the DO I40 but it still stuck on discover.

Does any body has a clue?

A quick troubleshooting technique =
Unplug the IP Phone and plug your laptop with the same IP Settings on it and see if you can ping the Call Server.
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