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Default How to accumulate time in call_rec

We're working on some custom querying and reporting, using only the call_rec database table.

We're trying to figure out how the various durations add up for a call, when there are more than 1 segment in the call. For instance, for a call with 2 segments:

It seems like for segment 1, the "duration" field is actually the sum of segment 1 and 2's duration fields.

On the other hand, if I add up all the components of segment 1 (disptime,talktime,ansholdtime,consulttime,acwtime ,queuetime,ringtime,origholdtime,netintime) MINUS all the same components of segment 2, I get the true duration of segment 1.

The numbers don't seem to add up when there's a value in acwtime though.

So the general question is: Is there a formula or technique to determine the actual duration of each call segment, where everything adds up to the total call time?

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