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Originally Posted by romer View Post
I feel your pain. In order to manage Heritage NES contracts the use of web tools that allow Serial number to Sold To lookup is critical. Contracts provide a Nortel Site ID (whic are still issued for new product today ???) but no Sold To is provided.
In order for us to receive support for the contract we paid for, we must provide a Sold To number. It is the Partner's burden to find all this information with broken tools.
The new site search takes you to everything but that tool to enter your: Site ID, Serial Number, or Solt To to cross reference.
Hi Romer,

Have you tried this link:

You can find this BP SoldTo Lookup tool in the bottom navigation menu under All Tools.

Also, this lookup step is no longer necessary in many of our processes. For example, to create a Service Request, you can enter your Nortel ID in the field labeled Don't Know Either (when you don't know your Avaya SoldTo or your Nortel Serial Number). Tip: Remember to select the correct entry from the auto-suggest drop-down list that is displayed as you start typing. This is the best way for our system to find an accurate match.
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