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Question Internal Twinning 9650 with 3720.. no ringing on 2nd call..

Hello !

i have search everywhere but nothing..
I explain :
On IP office 9.1 i have a 9650 with internal twinning on a 3720.
When a 1rst call arrive, all the 2 phone are ringing.. ok.

- 1) so if i take the callwith the dect, when a second call arrive, the 9650 don't ring and i have just a bip on the 3720 to inform me a new is comming..
- 2) if i take the call with the 9650, when a second call arrives the 9650 & the 3720 are ringing...

How can i do to have the 9650 ringing when the second call arrive and the first was taken with the DECT ?
an idea ?

thanks !!
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