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Question Are Avaya Cloud Solutions Solid?

My firm is a health care insurer. We began moving into VoIP two years ago while opening satellite offices.

Late last year we signed a lease at a much larger building. It will become our corporate offices. We installed a G450 with standard local survivability (SLS) to support the first wave of staff moved there.

We intended to build a virtual R 7.x Aura CM there at some point and move the "core" there. Our business partner (BP) is suggesting that it's time to consider putting our PBX in the cloud.

That said, my only question is have any you moved your switch and call centers into the cloud and if so . . .
  • Who did you select?
  • What "gotchas" did you find?
  • Was it everything you hoped it would be?

In advance of your response, I want to thank you for doing so.
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