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Yes, if you had that license, you should see a license with a similar description and wording like "small upgrade" Have you tried deleting the slot in Manager? First Save yourself a copy of the Config file (at least you can go back to original if needed). Then power off the system and remove the newly added DS8. Turn the system back on and connect with Manager, under Control Unit delete the slot for the new card. Also delete the 8 Extensions belonging to the card (you can leave the Users alone). Save this Config file back the system. The system will restart. Then reconnect with Manager and verify the slot in Control that you deleted is gone, and also that the Extensions are gone as well. Power down the system and re install the DS8 card and power up again.
Alternately have you tried installing the DS8 card in the other slot, or swapping the DS8's around and verify the fault stays with the Control Unit slot or moves around with the card? If you move it to the slot occupied by the VCM32, would best delete the VCM32 card in Control Unit by the same proceedure above.
Taken a step further if you power off the system and just pull all the cards out, but leave only the new DS8 installed in the system, does it work? If so progressively add the other crds back in (powering down the system each time cards are installed or replaced). Don't swap Card types (eg VCM and DS8's in the slots unless you do the above proceedure (ie deleting the slots in Manager).
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