Proactive Contact: User Procedures for powering off the Proactive Contact CPU through the sysadm menu

Doc ID    ADMN111396
Version:    17.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    19 Jan 2022
Created Date:    07 Feb 2013
Sandra Yates


All versions of Proactive Contact

NOTE: Menu options depicted here may vary slightly between versions.


1. Log into the system as the sysadm user or a user with sysadm privileges.

2. Access the Sysadm Menu:

                            ADMINISTRATOR MAIN MENU
   0. Exit
   1. Display help
   2. Administrative tasks
   3. Back up, restore and verify
   4. Manage backup configuration file
   5. Inbound calling lists
   6. IVR administration
   7. Transfer and process records
   8. Voice messages
   9. Manage database accounts
  10. View customer support information
  11. View APS information
 Enter Command Number:

3. From the Sysadm Menu, select option 2, Administrative Tasks.  The following menu will display:

                             ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS

   0. Exit to previous menu
   1. Display help
   2. Manage user accounts
   3. Change sysadm password
   4. Restart the system
   5. Shut down the system
   6. Set the system date and time
   7. Monitor agent lines
   8. Terminate a user session
   9. Edit area codes/prefixes
 Enter Command Number:

4. Choose option 5, Shut down the system, to halt the system.

5. Once the shut down procedure has completed, the CPU will power down automatically.  If it does not, when the on-screen notifications indicate the system is fully halted, power off the CPU server hardware using the power button on the front of the server..

For steps to shut down the PG230 digital switch, please refer to solution ADMN100755.

To power up the PG230, simply plug it back in. It is important to note that the messages will be loaded from the CPU to the PG230 during the power up of the CPU so it is necessary to power up the PG230 before the CPU.
If powering on is not successful the first time it is possible to power cycle switch again but then the Dialer applications should be restarted again as well

 ** Note: A request to have support staff remotely perform these steps is a  billable activity. An approved quote and a purchase order (if applicable) is required before activity can be scheduled
 ** Note: menu item 5 is used for a server reboot as well but for a dialer application restart, use menu item 4 "Restart the system"

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