Avaya Aura® Communication Manager: How to configure EC500

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Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    15 Mar 2020
Created Date:    03 Jul 2015


When EC500 is enabled on the Communication Manager station, a call to that station will generate a new outbound call from Communication Manager to the configured EC500 destination, typically a mobile phone. The following screen shows an example EC500 configuration for the user with station extension 59022. Use the command:


change off-pbx-telephone station-mapping x

where x is the Communication Manager station (such as 59022 in the example below).


· The Station Extension field will automatically populate

· For Application enter EC500

· Enter a Dial Prefix (e.g., 9) if required by the routing configuration

· For the Phone Number field enter the phone that will also be called (e.g., 00353861111111)

· Set the Trunk Selection to ars so that the ARS tables will be used to determine how Communication Manager will route to the Phone Number destination.

· Set the Config Set to 1

· Other parameters can retain default value

EC500 configuration



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