Equinox Meetings Online: Connecting to a Meeting from a SIP or H.323 Device

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Version:    30.0
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Published date:    12 Oct 2015
Updated:    21 May 2019
Yamini Sudireddy





Join from a SIP or H.323 Video Conference System

It's recommended to use the following dialing format for SIP and H.323 connections...


** Replace [MEETING ID] with the actual meeting received in your meeting invitation.

If your connection fails when calling the recommended dialing format, one of the following TCS4 dialing formats might be more successful for H.323 calls (SIP calls must always be dialed in above format)...



NOTE: ## is the TCS4 sub-addressing delimiter used by Avaya XT Series Endpoints. For Third Party Endpoints, refer to the User Manual as to what delimiters to replace ## with, and best practices for SIP and H.323 calling.


Best Practices and Meeting Resources

SIP & H.323 Endpoint Configurations

Meeting Access Phone Numbers

Contact Support




Additional Relevant Phrases

1-14765207830 ## Avaya Meeting Room Address Changed

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