Avaya Support Web Tips and Troubleshooting: Using Search effectively on https://support.avaya.com

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Published date:    15 Apr 2021
Created Date:    18 Sep 2012


For other specific tips on using the search interface please see TRNG100385

A brief introduction to the search from the Avaya Support Website

All of Avaya’s content has different access levels depending on user type and user entitlement. To ensure access to all content you are entitled to view you must first login to the Avaya Support Site with your SSO credentials.

If you have not yet registered for an Avaya account, click the ‘Register Now’ link at the top of the page.


How to Obtain the Best Available Results

The Avaya Support Website allows our clients to search from multiple areas within the site; this article will explain the differences in the content.

Clients can initiate a search from the following locations:


Global Search is used for generic queries to search the Knowledge Base as well as all content on the site.


·         Use this option to perform key word searches

·         The Search dialog will try to help you by attempting to auto-complete based on a predictive search on the most commonly entered search terms by other users. 


·         This explains why not all predictive searches provide the best query, just a commonly entered query, or why predictive search suggestions display typos/misspellings or other errors.


TIP: Use Global Search to perform key word searches, then use "My Products" to filter down by product.

TIP: Make your queries short and to the point, the more words used in the query the more content will be matched and returned in results.

            Example: The search string ‘setup 9608’ will return more relevant results than ‘how do I set up 9608 phone’

TIP: Try using different words that have the same meaning, i.e., use admin for setup, for installation questions, used the words deployment, migration, or upgrade, use user guide for quick cards

TIP: A good query consists of three things:

      • Product or Category
      • Issue / Symptom / Procedure
      • General Details

·         Enclose exact words or phrases in double quotes.

·         Include plus (+) to require words, double minus (--) to exclude words, and OR between words. i.e. forwarding OR coverage + "all calls"-- remote 

The more exact the phrases are to the actual title or string of text in a document, the better the results



Downloads Search - Searches are release specific, but ‘All’ can be selected to include all versions.

·         All software available for download will be presented in search results.

·         Downloads specific to a product can be referenced from the Downloads tab on the Product Hub Pages. See ‘Product Search Below’ for details



Product Hub or Product Search displays newly created content each day as a nightly process is ran to recreate the page to ensure the most relevant content is displayed.


·         Once you’ve selected a product and version, the Product Page displays a description of the product. Content specific to the product can be referenced by clicking on one of the following tabs:


·         Technical Solutions: The top Technical Solutions pertaining to the product displayed and are based on reuse in Siebel ticketing. So user’s will be reviewing the most relevant solutions pertaining to the product.

TIP: You can view all Solutions in “Support by Products’ > Technical Solutions > View All Solutions

TIP: You can also search Solutions based on Key Words in “Support by Products’ > Technical Solutions > Technical Solutions Search

TIP: You can search specific alarm strings for the product in “Support by Products’ > Technical Solutions > Alarm String Search

·         The Downloads tab contains the latest downloads (firmware, service packs, etc) for the product you've selected

·         The Products Documents tab contains the latest product documents, product notices, and product manuals for the product you've selected

·         The Diagnostics & Tools Tab contains both product-diagnostic and Web Site administration tools. You’ll also find tools specifically designed for the product selected.

·         The Related Information tab provides links to associated forums based on the product you've selected, as well as the Avaya Learning site.



Document Search - content can be filtered based on the type of documentation you are searching for.


·         Searches are release specific, but ‘All’ can be selected to include all versions and perform a ‘generic’ search

·         Searches are NOT performed based on key words, but based on the most relevant content pertaining to the product selected

·         The results are displayed based on Relevance, which means you may not be looking at the newest content. Click ‘Date’ to sort by content with the most recent date.


Tip: Solutions will only appear if ‘All’ is selected as the release

Tip: Using the global search at the top of this page will navigate the user from the documents page and then perform a global search. Use the ‘Filter by My Product’ filter to search by a specific product, then filter by language and content.





Additional Help

·         You can also search Document Libraries for questions concerning Features, General Configuration, General Installation/Migration/Deployments, User Guides, etc.

·         Document Libraries are not available for all products but can be used for Communication Manager, Session Manager, System Manager

·         Search Document Libraries by hovering over Support BY Product à Click on Documents à select Product/Release, then check the box by Documentation Library




·         Last but not least, if you have exhausted the above search repositories and are unable to find what you are looking for, please send an email to our infodev team, send an email to infodev@avaya.com, the email should contain the following information:

1.       Subject line should contain the issue you are experiencing

2.       Body of the email should contain:

a.       Avaya Product

b.       Product software version (if known)

c.        Type of documentation or collateral you are looking for

d.       Description of the customer’s issue/request.

e.       Other details

The infodev associate will work to assist you in finding the documentation and/or ensuring the documentation will become available on the support site.

Additional Relevant Phrases

how do I search can't find what I am looking for unable to find support site search Avaya site search initiate search find a document find a download search for download search for document global search product search download document

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