Avaya Support Web Tips and Troubleshooting: Understanding Co-Delivery and Web Ticketing (Public)

Doc ID    PRCS100340
Version:    7.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12 Nov 2021
Created Date:    21 Sep 2012


Web ticketing for Partners Performing Co-Delivery

Although there are no changes to how web ticketing is handled for https://support.avaya.com, there has been some confusion to the way that web created Service Request are handled by the system.  This article will explain the nuances tied to assets under co-delivery agreements.

A sold-to can either have site-wide entitlement, or the entitlement sits at the asset level.  For this discussion, we are specifically talking about asset-based entitlement.



Partner Ticketing

  • When a partner (or an Avaya agent on their behalf) opens a ticket, triggering off of the Serial number, or Sold-To, a list of assets is presented in the Asset pick list.
  • The asset selected should be the one at the end-customer location.


 Special Handling for Co-delivery

  • When ticket is submitted, the ticketing system examines the entitlements against the asset selected.
    • If the asset selected is covered under a co-delivery agreement, then the ticket will get created against the Partner’s sold-to, based on the sold-to listed on the active agreement in Siebel.
    • The end-customer sold-to is placed into the In Support of field in Siebel


 Understanding the SSO Login Access Control Requirements

  • This means that the Partner contact on the SR needs to have access to both the end-customer Sold-To AND the Partner Sold-To that is listed on the contract in-order for them to create and manage that ticket.
  • Partners can check their Access either in https://myprofile.avaya.com and looking under their sold to profile, or by using the BP look up tool to dump a list of sites your user id has access to at: https://support.avaya.com/support/bpLookup.action


Getting help...

  • If you are missing access to BP Sold To, please create an ITSS ticket at OneCare portal https://onecare.avaya.com  or you can call Avaya IT          
    • - For USA, please call 1-866-AVAYA IT (+1-866-282-9248).
    • - EMEA users please call +44-1483-309800
    • - Canada and CALA users please call +1-720-444-0130
    • - APAC users please call +65-6872-8700
    • - Germany users please call +49-69-7505-1234
  • If you are a Partner and are missing access to an end-Customer sold to, please request 'Support Services' and 'Registration Permissions' via Customer Authorization Tool (CAT). Information and access to CAT is under support.avaya.com/CAT


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