IT Help Contact Information for Customers and Authorized Business Partners

Doc ID    PRCS100796
Version:    25.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    18 May 2021
Created Date:    26 May 2015
Pamela Hesketh


Contact information for Customers and Authorized Business Partners for items not covered by the website.


To contact Avaya IT Help for issues NOT covered by the website or Service Requests, please use the information below. 

All issues with Support site, SSO account, missing information from Users Account on Support site, PLDS, GRT, CAT, A1S, Avaya Learning need  to be reported to Avaya IT.

Customers and Authorized Business Partners can open tickets at the OneCare Portal:

NOTE:  An Avaya SSO login is required to use the One Care Portal.  Please use a browser other than IE11.

Alternatively, Customers and Business Partners can open an IT ticket by calling the local contact numbers linked here.

Examples requiring OneCare Portal tickets include but are not limited to: SSO login issues, Sold To numbers not listed on your Avaya SSO profile, issues and error messages when trying to process requests in GRT, CAT, PLDS, A1S (included A1S registration), Avaya Learning certificates, etc.

Avaya IT does NOT handle technical issues for equipment and applications running on customers / BP premises. 

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